Mayan Beach Club in Goa is designed to harmonise Sun, Sand and Splendor of a mysterious civilization

The pristine waters of the Arabian Sea feel ever so splurging, when one sojourns in a chic-meets-rustic beach club located on the sparkling coastline of Anjuna, Goa. Designed by Chromed Design Studio it seamlessly blends local crafts with architectural grandeur amidst placid  coastal surroundings.

The design concept of bohemian dreamland  relies on the old-world charm of a long-lost ancient civilisation. This employed the usage of a creative fusion & overlap of organic and edgy design expressions to make it a seamless fusion of various cultural elements, creating a beguiling atmosphere.

At the entrance, an intrigue-creating design element with organic undulated white-washed walls, adorned with sparsely-placed bamboo in an Aztec pattern instantly grasps the attention of    guests in the awe of ancient civilization. As sunlight filters through the bamboo, it casts beautiful sillutiees, adding depth and intrigue to the surroundings.

Evoking a sense of a long-lost tribal ancient world, further enhancing the aura of mystery and adventure. The flooring, inspired by the pebble-stone streets of Greek islands, adds a touch of Mediterranean charm, brought about by broken-down and chamfered Carrera marble.

Potted vases with ferns, different artworks in wood, and suspended floral cane lights complete the rather mystery-evoking and alluring entrance. This eclectic blend of influences adds depth and character to the overall design, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

From classy cabanas to semi-open shamianas and a central open space with various table options, the club provides a range of seating choices at different levels. As the signature Chromed Design Studio element, a staircase seating with high tables by the sea brings the guests closer to the soothing waves that lap one’s heart and mind with peace and serenity.

A life size stone sculpture of a lady exudes a mystifying and enigmatic aura. Dried palms from the cabanas on either side frame this statement centerpiece adds a touch of natural elegance. A sense of sustainability is discernible as one sees the use of discarded railway sleeper wood splintered into pieces.

The different cabanas feature a warm material palette comprising wood, rattan, bamboo, and dried palm tree leaves. Polymer thatch, a long-lasting and durable material, is used in the mezzanine structures while natural thatch is used in the roofs of the structures.

Macrame hangings, ornaments embellished with shells & beads, and swaying cane lights enhance the beachy atmosphere, casting a soft and inviting glow in the evenings.

All of the furniture and furnishings are designed in-house and crafted from wood and rattan,  harmonising with the coastal setting.

The bar at Mayan Beach Club stands as a cultural magnificence, becoming the heart of the party destination in Goa. It is crafted in Mayan patterns laser-cut in Bison board and backlit, only for these majestic motifs and embellishments to glow.

By the coast of the beach, designed in wood with intricate carvings of tribal elements, a portal to the sand and salt showcases the rich tribal heritage. Apart from this  the  Mayan masks and totem poles complement an ancient civilization.

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