Mihir Garh – The indigenously crafted heritage hotel near Jodhpur is an architectural gem amidst golden dust

Built as a labor of love without brick and cement by bishnoi community artisans, the Mihir Garh, literally ‘Fortress of the Sun” is made up of soft materials like clay, limestone and cow dung as desired by the owners of the neighboring acclaimed heritage haveli, House of Rohet.

Located 55 kilometres from Jodhpur, Mihir Garh is a charismatic getaway deeply intertwined with the artistic lineage of  local communities.

Running their boutique label House of Rohet with their scion Avijit Singh, the Thakur and Thakurani undertake cultural revivalism through rural architecture and handcrafted decor elements like Lippan art lining the fireplaces of Mihir Garh.

The Mihir Garh Fort, unlike other Forts of Rajasthan has round edges and is made up of soft materials like clay, limestone and cow dung. The entire idea of giving a local touch to the Fort was implemented by using the materials that were easily available and were commonly used to build huts in the rural areas near Jodhpur.

Having nine-suite furnished with wooden carved interior, the fort triumphantly captures the true essence of Rajasthan. The Fort is filled with ethnic decorations depicting the culture of Rajasthan. The detailed embroidery works as well as mirror work brings about a different shine to the insides of the Fort. The corridors and halls are beautifully decorated with paintings and vintage ornaments from the era of Mughals.

Everything about the property exudes understated luxury from the silk cushions in the three lounges to the sumptuous suites designed with an eco-touch and richly decorated with the best art and craft from Jodhpur.

The frescoes and murals bedaubed with colours are sourced from local minerals. You could take a luncheon on the bougainvillaea-framed terrace or retreat into a cloistered alcove to read and idle away   the scalding hours of the day. 

With the majestic views of golden  sand dunes and a starry night sky, this is a place to retreat and relax in luxury. Explore indigenous flora and fauna on either horseback or jeep and interact with tribal people like the Bishnoi whose home this has been for centuries to learn how specific customs and ceremonies govern their lives rooted in tradition.

The accompaniment of Kalbeliya singers in the evening along with Jeep and horseback safaris to local villages are a big draw.

Keeping the service more personalised and privacy unimpinged, the property doesn’t accommodate more than 20 clients at a time, hence one can drown all the dreariness in the infinity edge pool without running  into many people.

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