Oceanic Splendor: Gujarat Science City’s Nautilus-Inspired Gallery

Discover the Aquatic Gallery in Gujarat Science City, Ahmedabad—an architectural wonder resembling a giant seashell. Designed by INI Design Studio, this inland aquarium draws inspiration from the nautilus, offering a captivating underwater experience unlike any other in the country.

Commissioned by the Gujarat Council of Science City (GCSC), the Aquatic Gallery is a key feature of Ahmedabad’s expansive Science City. Established in 1999 under the Department of Science and Technology, Government of Gujarat, Science City redefines education through the study of diverse ecosystems and life forms. As India’s largest inland aquarium, the Aquatic Gallery blends education with entertainment, aiming to make science accessible and engaging for all.

The Aquatic Gallery’s design isn’t just about looks — it’s about functionality. Its circular, segmented layout mimics the gentle flow of an underwater journey, guiding visitors through exhibits that unfold like coral reefs and kelp forests. Each section seamlessly transitions into the next, creating a captivating experience of exploration.

Upon entering, the Aquatic Gallery reveals a central atrium bathed in natural light through clerestory windows. Below, explore 72 exhibit tanks with large windows and interactive displays housing 180 species and over 12,000 fish. Don’t miss the Oceanarium’s 30-meter-long transparent tunnel, showcasing sharks and a vibrant underwater world.

The construction of the Aquatic Gallery by INI Design Studio faced challenges including seismic stability, addressed with exposed reinforced concrete that doubles as a visual motif resembling fish gills. Sustainability features include insulated envelopes, high-performance glazing with low emissivity for energy efficiency, and strategic building heights for passive cooling, reducing reliance on artificial air conditioning.

The Aquatic Gallery is not just a dedicated space for exploring the wonders of water on land; it embodies humanity’s aspiration to connect harmoniously with our planet’s beings. This innovative showcase blends thoughtful design and advanced technology to create a sustainable and mesmerizing environment. Whether you’re captivated by the underwater realm or seeking an immersive educational experience, this gallery promises a must-visit journey for all ages.

Images from: https://www.inidesignstudio.com/portfolio/aquatics-gallery-at-science-city/

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