Pandemic has rekindled the thrills of thrift shopping

As pandmemic has driven the change in the disposition of people from consumerism to seeking authenticity, pre-owned or locally made goods market which comes under the informal sector is likely to gain traction.
With online marketplace giving exposure to the dealers and resellers selling second-hand and domestically produced goods, the thrift market is drawing the attention of consumers, particularly in present times when people are getting disillusioned with the vanities of fast fashion which was but a inescapable part of modern life a year ago.
Scores of thrift stores have flourished in India last year, specializing in authentic products from high-end brands. After Sourcing and authenticating their products either directly from sellers or chance upon them at physical thrift stores, these are made available to a generation of online shoppers who are experimenting with pre-owned clothes and accessories.

There’s a flourishing ecosystem of expertly curated shops on Instagram that do the hard work for you.

However, apart from resellers it will be in the favour of artisans and local craftians to scale up their customer base if such thrift stores can enable them to put their produce through a hassle free process as consumers tend to seek long lasting and authentic goods nowadays.

Cover image by Weseektravel

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