Pune’s first 2D cafe certainly brings new meaning to the term ‘flat design’

Straight from sketch, the contoured reality of Camden Lane- The new 2D cafe in the bucolic lanes of Koregaon Park offers an intriguing dining experience inspired from French design aesthetics.

The trend of 2D cafes has picked up in recent years owing to their inviting optical illusion and remarkable concept. These cafes employ two-dimensional visual illusions in their design techniques blur the boundaries of reality and dealenation.

In Asia, there are cafes like 2D cafe in Tokyo, YND 223-14 in Korea, and Forever Rose Cafe in Dubai, manifest the power of design and creativity in the culinary world.

As per Co-owner Zuber Memon, the goal behind this was to stand out and create an Instagram-friendly space, all while serving delicious food. As it’s designed in monochrome only, the colors are seen only in people and the food, if one clicks a picture.  

They decided to Undertaking the task of interior decor to themselves, The Camden Lane’s team sought help from local artists to materialise their vision.

From the chairs to cutlery boxes, everything is hand painted white with black outlines to harmonise with the ambience. They achieved harmony in design after many trials and errors.

The design is created straight from te=he sketches as one of the co-founders, Saurabh Pingale drew arches on paper, and the POP (plaster of Paris) expert would attempt to execute the same.

The flooring is made using black and white mosaic tiles. Each table and chair have black outline on them to give it the 2D effect. Even the serving counters follow the similar theme, as do the doors, upholstery and every edge of the space.

“The outdoor seating area is adorned with fairy lights and lush green plants, while the indoor section boasts an artistic ceiling, cozy tables, and an L-section with large windows, complemented by MDF curtains and abundant natural light,” as per menon.

Taking the leaf out of French aesthetics and dining style, besides the 2D decor at The Camden Lane the menu also enlists dishes like croissant sandwiches, Neapolitan pizzas and lamb chops which look even more appetising amidst monochrome settings due to their refreshing colors.

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