Raajkutir in Kolkata transports you to the golden age of Bengali art, culture, and aesthetics

The newest boutique hotel beguiles one into the classical age of Zamidari life and grand rajbaris of Kolkata with its Indo-Saracenic design fused with traditional arts of Bengal.

It is not an overstatement to call Raajkutir, an IHCL SeleQtions boutique hotel, an 21st Century recreation of the splendid Rajabaris of yore.From renovated homestays to inspired luxury resorts and hipster B&Bs, the rajbaris in and around Kolkata navigate one to the time when Bengali culture and  art influence the most sluggish soul ever lived in the earth.

Inspired by the syncretic culture, the design married Indo-Saracenic elements with traditional Bengali architecture across the city’s monuments and mansions. Hence it pays a hat tip to the Bengal Renaissance.

Located in the very heart of the city near the Salt Lake Stadium, this 33-room property pays attention to little details all of which come together to keep its design ethos in place. With chequered marble flooring, Kota stone tiles, paintings from the Bengal School of Art, period furniture (including canopied four-poster beds), and vintage decor, one can’t afford to set one’s eyes off the alluring interiors.

To lend a wholesome accent of artistic heritage, other elements like a traditional raas manch or ceremonial hall, a palanquin in the courtyard, hand-pulled pakhas (fans) in the restaurant, and a horse carriage complete the leisurely vintage appeal.

Apart from interiors, the East India Room serves traditional Bengali spreads and a selection of viands influenced by Kolkata’s colonial past which apart from the British also included the Portuguese, Dutch, Jewish, and the French. At The Swig Bar & Lounge, one can’t resist the exquisite collection of sample single malts, cognacs and cocktails while at Loafer’s Cafe savor the very English tea and cake.

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