Sabyasachi’s largest store in Mumbai embraces the brilliance of age-old heritage and slow luxury

Sprawling over a vast area of more than 25,000 sq ft  inside colonial era ICP Fort Heritage in Mumbai, the flagship will make you jump with glee at every corner with its worldly intrigues like delicate porcelain, venetian furniture, hand knotted rugs, fine inlay work, Tanjore paintings and much more.

With a layered visual narrative of art and craft, designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s stately  four-storeyed  flagship  in Mumbai  invites people of both class be it mercantile or bourgeois.

It wont be an overstatement to call the flagship a living museum in the present day, treasuring Sabyasachi Bridal collection and other finery along with brand’s largest collection of jewelry in the world. The place also  houses a micro-exhibit from the Sabyasachi archive, showcasing couture from the inaugural Sabyasachi X Christian Louboutin collaboration Bater, 2015 and its sequel Firdaus, 2016.

All the delicate assortments, collected by Sabyasachi reflect his vision to immerse into timelessness with complete submission to Indian crafts.

The space is filled with alluring cabinets sourced from souks, modernist interpretations of Persian Qajars, 18th century Venetian handcrafted chairs, rare French Art Nouveau cabinets and arrogant brass sculptures made in Calcutta. Leather-bound books,

The store’s  signature block printed silk velvet lined busts, vitrines and lampshades pay homage to the India and its subcontinent.

The stately neoclassical  mansion  was completed  in 1913 by Chambers & Fritchley following  the  Italianate revival tradition for the British Bank of the Middle East. It has been taken over by Sabyasachi at the rent of 2 crore per month.

Today the house is   age-old Tanjore paintings, Pichhwais in the Deccan, Nathdwara and Kota style, Mughal miniatures, rare bronzes,  Chandeliers, Carpets, Illustrated books , 19th century Company Paintings & rare lithographs and 150 works of art conjured up  by the Sabyasachi Foundation.

Photography by Björn Wallander

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