Setting a table at 91-year-old Haveli leaves you charmed with Udaipur’s artful hospitality

Eth Design Studio has turned a 91-year-old Haveli in Udaipur into an enchanting diner as the use of pinks and blues at the Qalaa Art Bar & Coffeehouse with traditional Indian miniature motifs indulge you in aristocratic delight.

Located on the second floor of this vintage mansion which was once owned by Udaipur’s Maharana Bhopal Singh. Eth Design House has forged a new life in its grand arches, luxurious interiors, and spectacular wall paintings.

An alluring material palette, and a distinctive group of loose furniture and accessories at the Qalaa Art Bar & Coffeehouse makes it an exquisite public space where history meets modern design temperaments.The studio was briefed to revive the historic place without losing its vintage charm.

Admirable hand-painted walls displaying animal and floral motifs and traditional accessories command the attention before entering the intimate pink-themed province. The floor here is covered in white marble square tiles, with yellow Jaisalmer stone inserts breaking the routine.

According to Gaurav Mewara, principal designer, Eth Design Studio, they chose pink for the single height and blue for the double height area to maintain visual balance and highlight the intricate details on the walls. “Besides, these two colours also reflect the cultural heritage of Rajasthan and fit in well with the surroundings,” mentions Mewara.

To achieve the desired ambience, Mewara balanced three key design particulars—spatial arrangement, furniture typology, and composition.

All the low-back seaters are bespoke creations crafted from naturally polished mango wood which were given a rustic paint. The coffee tables are constructed using camel bones and epoxy, and don brass legs.

A close-up of the elaborate paintings created by traditional artisans from Udaipur which are a contextual representation of the surroundings—a play of leaf and animal motifs.

Tiny pieces of locally sourced glass were arranged in a pattern to form the stunning ceiling in the pink-themed area. Once evening sets in, the theatrics in the room multiplies when the soft glow of the handmade crystal chandeliers falls on the ceiling.

The blue section was consciously rendered in fewer hand-painted details because of its volume, except for the arch which bears floral minutiae. The pillars made in stone and covered with plaster are painted in a combination of blue and golden chrome hues.

An imposing single vault embellished with traditional designs  defines the bar area which mimics the traditional jharokha architecture adding a regal touch to overall ambience.

The service and kitchen setup are also accommodated behind the arches in this zone. Made from plywood, the 12-foot-long bar is topped by a black granite counter and sees an arrangement of stainless steel pipes (close together) on its face.

The thoughtful placement of furniture draws  distinctions between two areas- the art bar and coffeehouse. One remarkable factor attributed to the aesthetics of the interior is the use of loose furniture which not only added style and character, but also allowed for flexibility and personalization in the design. 

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