Several local hotels venture into upcoming ‘Chettinad Heritage And Cultural Festival’

From the scented Jasmine trails to enchanting Chettiar mansions, the second edition is organised by Chettinad Heritage and Cultural Trust and local hotels, including The Bangala from 29 September to 5 October. The event will feature a range of activities along with live demonstrations of local arts and craft through workshops.

Dotted with over 10,000 enchanting mansions of the Nattukottai Chettiar community, Chettinad is bordered by the temples of Madurai in the south and Thanjavur and Tiruchirapalli in the north of Tamilnadu.

Visitors have the chance to learn about Chettinad’s history, architecture, cuisine, and crafts through guided tours, workshops, and exhibitions. Moreover, these educational opportunities help bridge the gap between different cultures and create a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chettinad’s cultural treasures.

This edition opens the doors of a total 10 mansions for  public viewing as compared to four from last year. There will also be more time to shop at the bazaar. Live demonstrations of local crafts and filter coffee making, potters creating the famous clay horses of Chettinad, and weavers at work at traditional looms will be the highlight of this experience.

Hotels such as The Bangala, Karaikudi; Chidambara Vilas (sold out), Kadiapatti; Saratha Vilas Chettinad Palace Hotel, Kothamangalam; and Visalam – CGH Earth hotel, Kanadukathan are serving as venues for the festival and can only be booked via the trust. If you choose to make your own bookings, you can explore options such as the Chettinad Mansion.

The guided tour of the Keeladi Heritage Museum will be curated for patrons on 4 October. The museum was inaugurated earlier this year in Sivaganga, close to the historic archaeological site of Keeladi which was discovered in 2014. Patrons will get a chance to experience jasmine trail to visit sites of jasmine picking, gathering, weaving for headgears and selling at flower shops. 

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