Silk Thread Jewelry- All You Need To Know About This New Fashion Trend

Fashion trends come and go but there are some trends that make a mark at people’s hearts and remain in the trend list for long. These days, one such fashion trend in the market is the silk thread jewelry. People are fascinated by how the silk thread takes the form of a jewelry piece and it looks good on almost every occasion. 

Women are in fact ditching all the other types of traditional jewelry and pairing up with the Silk Thread Jewelry Set to give themselves a charming look. They are not only buying these types of jewelry but they are also taking a keen interest in how these jewelry are made and delivered across our country and abroad. Let us divulge more details about the same in this article below

How silk thread jewelry is made?


It is obvious that this Traditional Jewelry is made up of silk threads that come from the cocoons of silkworms. The process of silk extractions is known as sericulture wherein the cocoons of silkworms are dissolved in boiling water so that long silk fibers can be extracted. 


After the entire process of silk extraction is completed, it is converted to silk cloths and other silk materials. But if you want to make a silk thread jewelry, you have to collect the threads from the market or any silk cloth that you have. There are various processes through which these silk threads are used to make the pieces of jewelry that are completely handmade. 


No use of machines or artificial tools is used to make these kinds of jewelry and the innovation comes entirely from the artists. There are many such groups working in this sector and gaining huge popularity in the marketplace.

What are the types of Jewelry are available in the Silk Thread Category?

There are almost all types of silk thread jewelry available today in the jewelry market. It primarily includes silk thread jhumka, silk thread necklace set, silk thread bangles, silk thread earrings, silk thread bracelets, etc. Every jewelry set is woven with utmost care by the artists so that they do not get damaged or eradicated with time.


You can use these pieces of jewelry for a longer period without having to worry about product quality. These pieces of jewelry do not get rusted, faded or get broken like other materials, they continue to shine for years when well taken care of!

How good is Silk Thread Jewelry accepted among women in the society?

Among all other Indian jewelry designs available today, silk thread jewelry is very popular among the women of the society. As it is entirely handmade and has a touch of tradition and culture, it fascinates the women more! And for those who like art and craft, the silk thread jewelry fashion trend is almost like a boon to them.


Women like varieties in their fashion sense and with the introduction of silk thread jewelry they have got one more reason to shop and enjoy. Right from wedding functions to general celebrations, women today are preferring silk thread jewelry over other types of jewelry.


They are even ditching gold and silver jewelry for the silk thread designs available in the market. Not only that, many women are taking a keen interest in learning how to make such pieces of jewelry so that they can get an idea of such creativity. Overall, it has a generous embracement in the jewelry market and amongst women today!

Women love jewelry and when they get variations in it they simply love it more. With time, the evolution of jewelry designs and material have made women more fashionable than before! Today women have more options in choosing the jewelry than before when women only had the options for gold, silver, and other cliched materials.


From oxidized jewelry to handmade silk thread jewelry, they have newer and better options now. Silk thread jewelry has become a favorite trend among women in every corner of the country. It is easily available on the online stores today which has made it even more popular among them. You can also buy your choice of jewelry from the online stores for various occasions.

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