Striking Experience Unveiled: MR Deshmukh’s Artistic Journey from Kolhapur

At the age of 80, the Kolhapur-born artist is displaying approximately 30 of his artworks in Bengaluru, nearly all of which were completed within the past two years—an impressive achievement unto itself.

Deshmukh credits both Nature and the Shri Bhavani Museum in Satara for inspiring his art. Established in 1938 by Shri Bhawanrao Pantapratinidhi, the museum’s diverse collection of Indian and Western masterpieces left a profound impression on him during his youth.

Describing a quiet and humble soul like MR Deshmukh presents a challenge. He modestly asserts, “I don’t see anything particularly remarkable in my achievements; there are artists far more skilled than myself.”

Captivated by beauty, whether in the natural world or the feminine form, MR Deshmukh’s artistic journey began in Satara, Maharashtra, his birthplace. “My youth was a tapestry of wanderings along the serene banks of the Krishna and Koyna rivers. Transitioning to Kolhapur for my college education, the vivid memories of those idyllic landscapes weave through every stroke of my artwork.”

Deshmukh’s artistic journey, shaped by museum visits, gallery explorations, and extensive reading, mirrors the refinement of human communication through diverse social interactions.

Mentored by master painter Ravindra Mistry at Kalaniketan Mahavidyalay in Kolhapur, he draws inspiration from luminaries like SH Raza, Baburao Sadwelkar, Alfred Sisley, Claude Monet, and Rodin. “VIVID Impressions by MR Deshmukh,” featuring oils on paper and canvas, is presented by Artblu and displayed at MKF Museum of Art until June 29, 2024.

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