Studio Saar revamps Udaan Park in Udaipur with chirpy canopy of 60,000 handcrafted & colourful life-size birds

Located on the western bank of Swaroopsagar in Udaipur, Udaan Park, a rocky and dilapidated outcrop at the edge of the lake has been reclaimed as an enchanting public place amidst wild environs of the lake by Dharohar and Studio Saar.

Underused after a series of unsuccessful past interventions, Dharohar and Studio Saar have created an intriguing vision for the site – a new space for people to come together and connect to the wildlife of the lake.

The park has been reimagined as a journey from the street level down to the lake – a sequence of interactive landscapes, connected by a new accessible route, with play and discovery of local wildlife at its core. New planting is especially introduced to expand the habitat of visiting birds, and play structures are re-invented and constructed with repurposed materials.

Inspired by the striking starling murmuration, 60,000 handcrafted life-size birds, made of recycled plastic create a canopy supported by “tree-truss” steel structures, welcoming visitors into the park and providing a shaded space for events and relaxation.

A range of bright colours features across the canopy, informed by traditional Indian colour palettes and earthy tones.

Elsewhere, reclaimed tyres are used as planters and play equipment including swings and tunnels. Swing ropes made from recycled saree fabrics also feature in the children’s play area at the north of the site, while old steel reinforcement bars have been repurposed as gates and fences.

According to Ananya Singhal, Managing partner, Studio Saar. “By using these colours in the canopy, we tried to bring in earthy tones of the primary colours to create a striking installation.”

“Udaan has a wide variety of characterful spaces, linked by the sensual aromas, colours and textures of locally sourced plants chosen for their ability to withstand the harsh climate while helping support and expand the habitat for the bird communities on site,” mentioned Singhal.

The studio made use of reclaimed tyres sourced from the site. At the entrance of the site, the maze is also bordered by flowering plants and medicinal herbs.

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