The Clay Bricks Return With Style in Delhi House Designed by Architect Shonan Purie

Masonry is having a moment, as architects are getting creative with custom-designed brickwork, the house in Delhi’s Golf Links designed by Shonan uses custom-crafted bricks arranged with geometric precision along with inlay, mosaic and stained glasswork.  

New developments are taking shape in brick facades, partially on account of overuse of glass in skyscrapers or it is attributed to a desire for a building material that has warmth and texture. Or it may be the hard pull of traditional craftsmanship.

Putting each brick with diligence, Shonan Purie Trehan gifts her parents Madhu and Naresh Trehan a home of artistic value and traditional craft.

The sculptural clay brick exterior is marked by unique stained-glass windows. Lab-used parametric design tools to draw each brick course for the master artisans.

The house is designed in collaboration with  Designer and hotelier Isla Maria ‘Loulou’ van Damme and various craftsmen who have skilfully and ingeniously crafted the facade as well as interior along with Shoanan and her team.

A stained-glass window—by artists Cyrus Jassawalla and Jaishree Karani—is nestled in the ripples of brick courses.

Elements of Art Deco, include intricate inlaid floors, handcrafted tiles, clever artworks, and beautiful personal photographs come together with vivid colours of furniture creating a visual feast for the eye.

Floral metalwork details wrap around the teal spiral staircase, contrasted by the terracotta of the brick wall.

The alluring carpet by Jaipur Rugs complement the sweeping plasterwork of the ceiling is detailed with cheeky hand-painted murals by Studio Hash and accented by an antique french chandelier.

The cosmic table by Josmo sits on aqua, wave-patterned, cement-tile flooring detailed with intricate stone inlay.

The inscribed solid teak entrance door is flanked by brickwork sculptures. The deep earth of the clay brick and teak is contrasted by an antique french glass pendant light, which was acquired at an auction.

Hand-painted floral chinaware basins complement the ivory hand-glazed ceramic tiles with violet accents from keramos in the bathrooms. Lime and purple hand-glazed tiles by keramos influence the stained-glass-window design by artists Cyrus Jassawalla and Jaishree Karani.

The sculptural handmade brick facade is an expression of both artistic imagination of an architect as each shifting brick is placed to enhance the value of the space in terms of aesthetics and existence.

Photographs by Pankaj Anand

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