The curious case of Axminster Carpets buy out

Once delegated with the task of recreating the authentic carpet at royal pavilion Brighton in 1822, Axminster Carpets was bought out of administration last year by a group of investors which includes former owners.

Established by Thomas Whitty the luxury carpet making firm has deservingly seen the glorious days as it is run by generations after generation by his family before a devastating fire broke in 1835. After 100 years the company reclaimed its charred prestige under ownership of  Harry Dutfield who got to know about its rich heritage from a vicar in the Devon town and resurrected the business.

The first carpets were said to be bought by the likes of King George III and Queen Charlotte, who visited the factory.

Supplying the carpets to the royal family and having commissioned at Buckingham Palace for renovations, Axminster had also installed carpets a few years back at the US Congress and a Donald Trump hotel in Miami.

Introducing new techniques and materials, Dutfield was devoted to expanding the factories as far afield as New Zealand, he introduced drysdale, a heavy fleeced strain of sheep in his first flock to Britain in 1976 after meeting an antipodean professor who was working on it at that time.

This was the second time when the company fell into administration after 2013 when it was bought out of administration from Duff & Phelps by the local businessman Stephen Boyd. He couldn’t secure a rescue deal this time.

According to administrators, the underlay business has been sold to Ulster Carpets which is expected to sell  Axminster carpet shop to Wilton Flooring. they were of the opinion that they had secured the future of Axminster Carpets, one of the best-known British brands, following the successful sale of the business and assets of the company.

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