The Summer Haus Marries Parisian Grace with Brooklyn’s Vibe in Mumbai

The Summer Haus in Mumbai! It’s a special house that mixes fancy French style with the lively vibe of Brooklyn. When you step inside, it feels like you’re in a dreamy movie, just like ones made by Wes Anderson. It’s a cozy place full of romance and memories waiting to be discovered.

Gayatri and Siddharth Tewary, Mumbai-based filmmakers, own a stunning two-storey residence that defies expectations. Despite its modest plot size of 3,200 sq ft and compact floor plate of 1,720 sq ft, the design rises elegantly, resembling a Tetris-like formation, with just 2,800 sq ft of carpet area. 

This achievement is a testament to the collaborative prowess of interior designer Anjali Mody of Josmo and The Architecture Company (TAC).

Nestled among Mumbai’s towering skyscrapers, the Summer Haus captivates with its French New Wave-like coziness. This juxtaposition stirs feelings of romance and nostalgia, transporting guests to a fanciful movie set reminiscent of Wes Anderson’s signature style.While TAC focused on the architectural aspect, Anjali Mody, founder of Josmo, is the mastermind behind the immersive design experience.

“Unlike typical Indian homes, this residence reflects their global travels and cinephile passions. With a blend of cultures reminiscent of SOHO House, it seamlessly integrates old and new, embracing diversity and a cosmopolitan lifestyle,” shared Mody, who also designed their Goan holiday home, Villa Vida, in previous year. 

Each space is a curated narrative, seamlessly blending art, design, and narrative craftsmanship to create a captivating and immersive experience that leaves guests enchanted and thoroughly fulfilled.

The Summer Haus is indeed a whimsical masterpiece, captivating with its quirky symmetry, bold colors, and well-lit spaces. Every corner showcases meticulous attention to detail, from the arched entryways to the unconventional chandeliers, adding intrigue and charm throughout.

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