The third edition of the Majuli Music Festival to promote craft tourism through live demonstrations

Scheduled to be held from November 25 to 27, 2022, at the bank of the Kherkatia river in Jengrai Chapri village, Majuli Music Festival has grown into a major and popular music event in the country, the cultural capital of Assam, Majuli island attracts 20,000 to 25,000 domestic and foreign tourists every year.

Majuli is Northeast India’s largest river island. The festival is held every year in the month of November and is organized by Majuli Music Festival Foundation, RÍGBO and in collaboration with various government and non-government organisations. The fest will see the jamming sessions by several renowned music bands and artists from across the world in the 3-day event.

As the island commands  an immense potential in tourism sector owing to a mosaic of different ethnic cultures, Natural beauty, the diverse lifestyle of riverine people, food habits, traditional architecture and  clothing etc, the aim  of this event is the overall development of Majuli, particularly to promote the tourism sector in Majuli and strengthen the rural economy. The mask-making craft of Chamguri Satra is world-famous.

The festival was started after a great deal of diligent work by musicians  Mukul Doley and Momi Pegu, with the help and support of local music lovers, started the music festival in 2019. Since its inception, the festival has gained significant global popularity. Internationally recognised music bands and artists like Chai Met Toast (Kerala), Rain in Sahara (Assam, Spain), Alobo Naga (Nagaland), Sankuraj Konwar (Assam), Trance Effect (Nagaland) etc. have performed in the first two editions of the event.

The promoters have always laid emphasis on promoting local products like traditional clothing, food etc. It has also played a special role in strengthening the rural economy through homestay facilities, resorts, hotels Apart from this, the event will also showcase local ethnic cuisines and traditional clothing from different parts of the country.

The Jengraimukh area is bustling with excitement as only a few days are left for the music festival. Villagers are ready to welcome the festival and tourists. Local food items, clothing etc. are being prepared for the stalls. Each person in the area is getting their house ready to welcome and accommodate tourists.

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