The Wicker Woman Revives the Rustic Charm of Rattan Decor

One of the finest weaving furniture since ancient times, Rattan has been shape-shifted with new thoughtful designs by Hyderabad-based organization The Wicker Story as founder Priyanka Narula falls big time for wicker and keeping it trendy despite the challenges.

Founded in October 2018 and based in Hyderabad, The Wicker Story employs the traditions of weaving in India through the mediums of clothing, furniture, and furnishings. The versatility of the Material is compellingly embodied in a Collection Designed by the designer.

Born and raised in Kanpur, Priyanka studied architecture and found her love for vernacular architecture,  designing, meeting people and understanding their personalities, and then customizing designs

Given its neutral color and texture, Ratan/Cane can be twisted into a welter of designs and enhances the interiors of any kind of space. The charm of Rattan furniture is unmistakable in any space that it is placed in.,It is easy to use this material universally. Besides its completely sustainable products that offer a zero-waste production methodology.

Integrating technology and tradition after a lot of 3D printing and complex manufacturing system experiments through different machines, while working with craftsmen they launched – IMLI (a unique bench shaped like a tamarind pod). The inspiration for IMLI comes from inhabiting the rustic environments in childhood, The technique of cane weaving used for making the bench is traditional to most parts of India. The products exude a beauty in austerity that is both artistic and usable at the same time.

Now employing over 25 people, each craftsman takes pride in the work they are doing. The new trend of this old forgotten art is certainly giving employment to craftsmen. The Wicker Story produces a range of amazing products like the lifafa chair, bloom bench and coral lamp etc with their takers in as far as to London and other European countries.

According to Priyanka, “the plan is to make available various products made from rattan such as Accessories, tableware, furniture, molded interior spaces (installations), and even larger outdoor installations are what we are looking to launch”.

As It is a slow and skilled process, which requires the input of senior weavers, the cost of customizing is a bit higher on the side, for instance,  IMLI, costs Rs 42,000. The rest of their pieces cost anything upwards of Rs 18,000, but handcrafted pieces are worth every penny.

At present, there are perhaps only a handful of design houses in Europe experimenting with Ratan. Earlier she was also apprehensive as to how the Indian market would take to such experimental rattan products but the quality of   the design and simplicity  is what worked in their favor,

Receiving the recognition at the ELLE DECO International Design Awards (EDIDA), India, and subsequently, the Trends Design awards in 2020 and the Lexus Design awards in 2022 also gave the brand much-needed visibility in the market.

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