This Kerala home will certainly bring blush to the cheeks of modesty

Built for an NRI family miles apart from its native culture, the tropical home ‘Traditional Affinity’ constructed by Thought Parallels Architecture radiates the novelty of South Indian antiquity from every nook and corner.

Away from their homeland with a yearning to dabble into their local arts and traditions, many locals migrate to the Middle East in search of better career opportunities, visiting their hometowns during annual vacations.

Emulating the traditional science of houses and blending it in a contemporary style, Calicut based architects Thought Parallels build this 3,500 sq ft project titled ‘traditional affinity’ family home for an NRI family settled in Dubai that returns to their native place to vacation every year, the house is entrenched in South Indian aesthetic and grounded to its local roots.

The open-house plan intersperses the public areas of interaction with the private living and working zones. The abode is roofed with terracotta tiles sourced from local suppliers  with light sloping steel structure,  which lends it an earthly character.

The outdoor areas are paved in limestone flooring against an exposed concrete and terracotta backdrop while being embellished with greens. Away from the urban pod, this house redefines luxury in its quality and experience of spaces while truly holding on to its local vibe.

Traditionally designed Blue-hued handmade fabrics are matched with throw cushions to give an alluring colour palette to the bedrooms. The gable profile is ornamented with teak frames, while a pendant lamp is suspended from the high ceiling.

The wood crafted fins panel provides privacy while the upper half draws plenty of light into the bedroom. The rooms are strategically placed to relish the vedant surroundings.

At the centre patios and verandas offer ample space to bask under tropical climate to enjoy rains, the large overhangs of the sloping roof combat the heavy monsoons. The edge design of the roof is crafted with the idea of a chiselled aesthetic.

The style is what one may call plain-going-on-austere. It is actually a subtle approach, calm and calming and at the same time more enriching than the sticking-on of mass-produced decorative doo-dads. These enhancements reflect one of the smartest and most thoughtful actions of new age architects as they tend to integrate vernacular architectural style with modern touch.

Photographs by Ashik MK

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