Traditional Kashmiri home designed by ‘Studio Slip’ in Bengaluru captures the soul of Indian craftsmanship

Designing a modern house with plethora of traditional assortments like Warli art, Kashmiri hand-knotted silk carpets, carved furniture and customised hand-embroidered tapestries, sourced from various craft communities including the NGO -The Hundred Hands, Kamini Rao, Founder of Studio Slip projects a timeless Kashmiri culture of the client with finesse.

Realising the brief of the client, a Kashmiri family deeply connected to their roots, Studio Slip team smartly infuses Kashmiri motifs and craft elements to a contemporary home without losing the traditional flavour of “Jannat-e-Kashmir”.

Panun Gar, meaning “Our Home” in Kashmiri keeps a captivating balance of colour, art and textile tradition of Kashmir with all modern functionality. All elements that are woven into their space, celebrates not only their culture but also community.

Wall art of Kashmiri Crewel embroidery sourced from A Hundred Hands NGO; while Chhabria tiles used in the flooring of kitchen are patterned in Kashmiri carpet designs.

The blue-grey toned foyer is decorated with Warli art pieces on the wall and candle stands along with a Hosley mirror. Oorjaa paper lights and tall embroidered Namda tapestries were sourced to accentuate the height that connects the two levels of the home.

This bedroom features an Amberville bed flanked with delicate old-leaf miniature art by Hemant Kumawat hung above it. To add more storage, the stairwell is used as a bookshelf, featuring floral wallpaper. Next to the stairwell is the narrow kitchen, which has the Chhabria tiles, reminiscent of Kashmiri carpet patterns.

The delicate gold leaf miniature art by Hemant Kumawat in the master bedroom creates a swooning spell to anyone laying in the Amberville bed surrounded by Lakkadhara bedside tables on either end with the wall decorated with old Photographs.

The other bedroom is doused in a muted palette of blues and pink with a customised hand-carved bed and a pink armchair from Gulmohar Lane adding a pop to the room.

The plush Kashmiri-style living room features floor seating with a silk carpet from the Kashmiri Emporium, this parlour has a louvred accordion shutter, which allows one to peek into the living room below the two living rooms of the house.

Photographs by Parth Swaminathan, 2022 Photographix India

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