Transforming Swings: Indian Design House’s Stylish Living Art

Design Ni Dukaan, founded by architect Veeram Shah in 2013, is revolutionizing traditional swings with their ‘Debunk’ collection, transforming functional pieces into striking statements for any space.

In developing the Debunk collection, Design Ni Dukaan embraces their philosophy that ‘design is a collaborative journey’. They engage artists and craftsmen from diverse disciplines. Every project incorporates contributions from designers, carpenters, and artisans alike. This ensures a seamless integration of both creative and technical expertise in their creations.

Combining creativity with meticulous craftsmanship, the Debunk collection transforms the traditional Indian swing into sculptural functional art. Utilizing materials ranging from hand-painted acrylic to fabric, the collection offers six unique design variants. Notably, the Clair de Lune and Fire Ball designs were exclusively crafted by Design Ni Dukaan’s in-house team.

Claire de Lune, crafted from birch ply and metal, evokes the serenity of a moonlit night with its peaceful design. Meanwhile, Fire Ball, made from micro-concrete and metal, offers a sleek, single-seater option for smaller spaces, designed for 360-degree rotation with terracotta hues inspired by the changing sky from sunrise to sunset.

The Altered Reality swing, a joint creation with artist Debangshu Moulik, merges bold outlines, vibrant hues, and inspirations from comics and traditional Indian art. Hand-painted acrylic over HDF shell and Mild Steel forms this whimsical piece adorned with playful motifs such as cats, kites, and blooming Champa trees. Tailored to reflect personal stories, it offers a captivating journey into a different dimension.

The Kaleidochaos swing, crafted in collaboration with artist Priyanka Thaker from House of Berserk, embodies her passion for vibrant hues and exploration of identity and space. Made from Teakwood and Mild Steel, this modular piece features adjustable snap-on armrests and backrests, inviting dynamic seating configurations.

Meanwhile, the ‘Sea of Poppies’ swing by Anuj Sharma of Button Masala blends cane, metal, and textile with 10,000 fabric buttons on a pixelated canvas, encouraging interactive and customizable artistic expression.The Nebula swing, created with architect Rohan Shroff, highlights his passion for Terrazzo. Featuring vibrant indigo hues and ellipsoid ring motifs reminiscent of galaxies, it showcases innovative use of materials for modern spaces.

Featuring pieces like the interactive Sea of Poppies and the striking Claire de Lune, Design Ni Dukaan’s latest collection stands apart from the typical minimal and trendy decor offerings. Whether for a home or a commercial space, these designs are sure to ignite conversations and make a lasting impression.

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