Turning heritage architectures into lego style collectibles- An intriguing project by Material Immaterial Studio

Showcased at 47-A design gallery in Mumbai’s Khotachiwadi, a unique concept by architect Nitin Barchha of Material Immaterial Studio, ‘Sanctum and Re-Cast’ embodies the architectural spirit of step-wells through eye-catching miniature designs.

There is nothing inspiring than capturing the grandeur of different spaces through miniature concrete designs celebrating the beauty and efficacy of built.

This reduction process is what takes us through a mirror, emerging out on the other side to discover richness, like in the subtle differences between five shades of white and the sense of release that comes from allowing space to be unencumbered by visual distractions.

Surya Kund (detail), 2023, (from Sanctum series), Cast concrete, 18 x 13 x 3 in., Edition of 25 by Material Immaterial Studio

The collection includes miniature replicas of architecture marvels like step wells unveiling the beauty of materials through pigmy toys . The studio’s recent collections, Sanctum and Re-Cast, epitomise this fusion of material, immaterial and function!

A collection of nine magnificent step wells, the series comprises individual blocks of concrete, cast to resemble architectural fragments, placed individually or in a group. Conceptually, Re-Cast deals with memories of built spaces and the often fragmentary nature of recollections.

Each object in Re-Cast is composed of elements that come together to form a multipurpose setting. They can be stacked vertically as totems or horizontally to create furniture pieces, from side tables to dining tables. This flexibility encourages creative exploration and customisation, allowing individuals to shape their own narrative within the spaces they inhabit.

The incompleteness of each object, makes one engage in a dialogue with their surroundings.

Inspired by the grandeur of step wells, Sanctum takes inspiration from the architectural history and pays homage to the engineering brilliance and holistic essence of stepwells. This series goes beyond replication. Here, shadows and textures converge, celebrating the architectural spirit of these marvels on a miniature scale.

Revealing the bare beauty of materials, Material immaterial studio, Mumbai is essentially minimalist. Blending the tangible and the intangible, the Studio’s Re-Cast and Sanctum dissolve  boundaries between architecture and art that blend history and modern expression.

The project is a testament to the studio’s commitment towards preserving and celebrating architectural heritage through contemporary designs.

Images by Material Immaterial Studio

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