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The deadly COVID-19 virus started impacting the world’s health and economy since the beginning of 2020. India started to face its impact on the medical and business sector from March 22nd, the day when the first lockdown was implied. The substantial and consequential effects on India’s various markets are causing significant impact, especially for people who survive on daily wages. To deal with this problem, which might take longer to find a cure, Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned the idea of standing up for local businesses. This idea stating “vocal for local” went viral across the country. To save the economy from getting engraved, the ideology implies not to depend on foreign manufactured goods.

India is a bulk producer of handicrafts for the only reason of great diversity and workforce. The high diversity in India precisely justifies the full range in the handloom and handicraft industry. Yet these handicraft products are not receiving sufficient attention they deserve. During the time of the crisis, our Prime Minister has managed to get past this problem.

Authindia, as a digital platform, has been standing up for the handicraft and handloom industry of India since ever. While creating a stage for Indian artists to showcase their traditional art form and promote their respective geographical culture, Authindia is enthusiastically encouraging the cause “local and being vocal” in the best possible way. Authindia subsequently keeps track of event and art exhibition happening across the country. These events exhibit talented artists and craftsmen from different regions of India. Authindia updates its audience regarding the forthcoming workshops which support students and apprentices to learn the art and imply their skills. Authindia as a stage for handicrafts to showcase their work and audience to explore art and artists makes accessing the platform easy on every aspect. Authindia grants an easy way to be a medium connecting public and handicraft manufacturers to upscale local business.

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Authindia is creating a wellspring of Indian handcrafts with a designed solution for the artists of the country. As the demand for India’s art for raises, Authindia is forward in creating awareness through its blogs. Authindia blogs bring an abundance of information and researches that speak about the art’s history, evolution and current condition. A crucial part of Authindia is to escalate growth in business and awareness of Indian art and artisan across the globe. Looking at the current scenario of COVID affecting labours massively, the idea of being Vocal for Local has always been under the practice of AuthIndia, and it certainly will endure it.

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