Women artists ink their rapt expressions on canvas

The ongoing art exhibition in Hyderabad’s Kalakriti art gallery features the grappling works of women artists in India. Many of the showcased paintings had previously been displayed and earned quite a reputation in international galleries and museums.Every piece of art depicts the festering emotions, longings and experiences encountered by the ladies in their various walks of life.

Apart from some of the seasoned women artists like Anjani Reddy, Anju Dodiya, Jayasri Burman, Nilima Sheikh, Poshali Das and Sujata Bajaj who are well established and had made their presence felt in aesthetic circles, exhibitions also the a platform to the ladies to showcase their work who realised their muse in pandemic and picked up the brush to make it more than just a hobby.


The expressions portrayed in paintings vary in reflecting the societal constraints and vices that women have been facing over a long period of time to the emergence of women as independent beings who have triumphantly managed to strike a perfect balance between their private and personal lives.

Pic courtesy: Kalakriti Art Gallery

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