9 Reasons To Support Local Artists

Iron Handicrafts
  • By supporting local artist we can add value to our society.
  • By supporting local talent we can inspire youth for becoming artist with their natural talent and to explore their creativity.
  • Local artist helps in removing barriers of language, culture and barriers among the nations.
  • Local artist represent the whole community and nation.
  • The development of the local artist help in development of the whole nation. They can help the country to be on the top of the world map.
  • No one can draw the picture of the country more clearly that a local artist can do, it also help in economic growth of the country by developing employment opportunity.
  • Local artist bridges the gap between the two country as they promote tourism and demote terrorism.
  • They provide business to industries help in development of the nation. By supporting local artist we can promote globalization in the country.
  • By supporting local artist we can promote creativity, skill & natural talent. They portray the picture of real world which express some meaning & represent the world in new and innovative way.
Madhubani Paintings presented to the First Lady of USA in Feb 2020.

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