Advent of pre-loved couture – Making luxury affordable to all

Propelled by a new breed of upscale pre-owned retailers, the second hand couture is  revolutionising  the luxury fashion in India. Saritoria is the first one its kind global e-store for second hand couture in South Asian luxury fashion.

Habitually, we are already fairly good at reusing or upcycling old clothing, the digital revolution in the last couple of years has taken this habit to one step forward as more and more people embrace slow fashion in the wake of the alarming climate crisis.

Saritoria is one such global e store making luxury fashion more approachable and affordable to people. Though the concept of thrift stores has long been persistent in the west, consider a glamorous attire designed by Anita Dongre or Sabyasachi you happen to have the desire to wear at a wedding or ball rooms. The first global e-store for preloved South Asian luxury fashion ventures to take couture to the next level.

The youth tend to feel a sense of pleasure and privilege of wearing couture, hence the label helps South Asians to explore the a range of quality clothing and offer the patroms a means to sell their designer garments on their store when they get weary of them instead of passing them clothes to family or kins. The concept helps them make some money and upcycle the garments without putting much effort. Besides these old clothings constantly remain in the fashion supply chain.

Generally a large amount of outfits that are being listed actually have a lifetime of zero cycles, that is to say, that they were purchased but never worn. Through pre-loved fashion retail, the life cycle of luxury couture can be multiplicated which also has the added benefits in terms of bringing sustainability in fashion.

Saritoria has managed to create a considerable number of customers in South India and has been receiving orders from Australia as well as a demand to list from the USA and Canada. The label aims to establish a seamless concierge service and infrastructure so that it can list and sell the clothing of people who intend to trade the pre-loved luxury from other parts of the world as well.

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