In Lucknow, ‘Brio Art Cafe’ is the environmental battleground

Employing around 250 artisans currently, Brio Art House and Cafe in Lucknow has taken up the mantle of addressing the precarious present by incorporating different crafts and art in the interiors and serving dishes which reckon with sustainable art of living. 

Started as a Facebook page in 2011, Brio is  is not only just giving opportunities to artisans but also but also focusing the most virulent problem of plastic pollution by bringing  sustainability in its ventures.

As per, Ankita Jaiswal’s  a self-taught artist who has been drawn to how artisans are integral to the process of creating, her venture is an ode to India’s artisan community as fresh food grown on site, and a plastic free environment that is instilling a sense of sustainable living among patrons. 

Earlier she established an art gallery. By and by, the gallery evolved from being a space that showcased only art to becoming one where people could snack on vada pav and sip on some masala chai as they admired the art installations. 

In 2019, the range of foods that were being served grew, new dishes were added, and Brio Art Cafe was set up. Her motive was clear— to incorporate different crafts and art by artisans.

To bring in a sense of cultural experience, Ankita also brought in young artists to come in and play Indian musical instruments.

Cafe serves the traditional lip smacking recipes of Lucknow such as the Subz ki Galouti, Daal Sultani in earthenware dishes and also delivers them in ecofriendly packaging. 

Besides this bone china is replaced by ceramic dishes and boxes are repurposed for courier packaging instead of using plastic for the same. Baskets made from dried mulberry branches showcase Ankita’s love for using freely available materials as decor in the cafe.

If one cares to  ceck  their collection online, one will collection of handmade paper bags, hand painted wall plates, neem bark napkin holders and more here having a special touch, and unique patterns which set them apart.

The cafe takes pride in having employed more than 250 artisans across various states, of which most of the artisans from Uttar Pradesh. 


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