Portrait of a Bruised Bride

Mumbai based artist is making a bold statement on domestic violence under the label Smish Designs which portrays maimed face of a bejewelled bride.

Depicting the lived experience of a significant portion of the female population, the pseudo anonymous artist and illustrator is touching the vices of patriarchal society through her first solo exhibition entitled  Pati, Patni Aur Woke, which ran at the city’s Method art gallery in March.

The series of digital artwork is actually an introspection of bad marriages which the artist grew up seeing in the various societies  around. It features the sutured wounds in place of bindi and a price tag attached to the groom in a wedding picture to mark a visual commentary on domestic violence and dowry.

The exhibition strives to demystify the  layers of marriage as an institution and how women are disadvantaged with the obligations they are subjected to within wedlock, while also covering the subtleties of this patriarchal norm that stifles women.

Responding to the trolls with more string artwork in her new piece she has been exhibiting the work on Instagram, where she has attracted nearly 60,000 followers.

It may be a highly antagonistic space to exist in, especially for a resistance artist and as a woman but then art has a way to move the conscience of people.

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