‘Young Heritage Explorers Programme’ by CEPT Research and Development Foundation digs into Ahmedabad’s architectural richness

The ‘Young Heritage Explorers Programme’ (YHEP) organized by the CHC (Centre for Heritage Conservation, CRDF – CEPT Research and Development Foundation) in association with Hive aims to take green minded explorers into the ramparts of Ahmedabad’s old forts through 3 workshops on illustration art and Map making.

YHEP conducts pioneering research and advises on historic buildings and cities in Ahmedabad and other parts of India to discover their ethnic and architectural richness through a sort of treasure hunt.

Participants can also embark on a time travel on paper, as they connect the dots between the city’s development through maps of the earliest centuries to now.

Gauri Bharat, an architectural historian with CEPT, who teaches, writes books will be joined by Saatvika Pancholi, a conservation architect and educator. After masters from CEPT University, Saatvika ran her own design firm and worked with local artisans. She also has experience in working with sustainable materials and aspires to communicate ideas through illustrations.

Zeus Pithawala is also a conservation architect who is interested in the notions of authenticity and integrity of heritage sites, and the facets of interpretation of cultural heritage through design interventions.

The 3 workshops nameley, ‘FORT-IFIED’, ‘Map-ematics’ and ‘Digital Twinning’ offer a chance to dig into the past for a well-poised future historic fort walls of Ahmedabad. As history isn’t written in books alone, but is woven in the monuments, designs, and people of a place that can be better discovered through an exploratory ramble, or hands-on activities.

3D laser scanning opens the door to document, study, and monitor places of artistic or heritage value which can be used to understand the possible risks faced by a monument, and data can also be archived for future use, in case structures are damaged and need restoration.

Images by TheHive

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