If you are from India, you already know how culturally rich the country is and how every state possesses its own cultural customs. Among all the cultural customs we have, the Indian handicrafts counts for massive popularity not only amongst the fellow Indians but has a reach outside the country as well. For those who […]

Every child is an Artist, the problem is how to remain an artist as we grow up -Pablo Picasso Have you ever considered what makes a piece of art, be it a painting, sketch or a sculpture so adorable to people, why people wish to buy it even when it is thoroughly an inanimate article […]

Cinema is indeed a wonderful medium which can make even a simple article, say an armchair or a ceiling fan or a wall clock into a thing of mystery just by altering the settings around them or by manipulating the expressions of characters using them. Theatrical arts, visual arts & handicrafts, be it any form […]

Jewellery for an Indian bride usually means a lot of possible use of gem stones, delicate moment detailing and meena work. An idea may be formed concerning the influence of fashions and create. Rajasthan Calling: Rajasthan has influenced Indian jewelry with its Meenakari works that are stunning and highly in demand among ladies who loves […]

The European Union is becoming the export destinations for Indian Handicrafts, after the US. Handicraft units have made their presence felt strongly in Italy and Germany. The popularity of Indian handicrafts and opportunities are prompting medium and small enterprises in the sector to foray with their own merchandise to the EU. Even though the Indian […]

India is a historical land of custom and exotic artwork. Indian craftsmen are famous for sculpting spectacular handicrafts from every kind of substance available such as wood, stone, semi precious stones, metal, etc. Most renowned handicraft manufacturing centers include Saharanpur, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Gujarat, Kashmir and Rajasthan. Some famous Indian handicrafts are sculptures of Indian […]

India is a land where exporting is much a requirement than a favorite option. It is a very populated land where trade and business will be the need of the hour. India can be a leader in different fields, and the large quantity of few specialized items may afford it to export such items. Whenever […]

In India, the earliest traces of paintings could be credited to the historic period. Adhering to the Mughal reign, which lasted 200 years, by the next part of the century, the Rajput Maharajahs became independent. They used these artists to replace their own artisans. The whole of Rajasthan was divided into numerous princely states and […]

The intricately carved bell metal artifacts, bamboo and wood products adorn a lot of home in India and abroad. Nevertheless, almost 20,000 tribal families in Chhattisgarh who made them stay mired in lower income, without a direct access to the marketplace that’s giving increasing shelf space to the figurines and wall hangings. There is rising […]

The Indian handcraft business is facing a substantial crisis scenario today because of neglect by both the authorities and people. Urgent measures have to be taken to revive the artwork inside the nation. India is among the countries on earth that has a heritage of handicrafts dating back into over 5000 decades. From the ruins […]