Geographical Indications (GI tag) of Handicrafts of India

“Geographical Indication (GI) is a sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or reputation that are due to that origin.”

The Geographical Indication (GI Tag) of Indian handicraft resembles that the product belongs to a particular place of origin. There are many unique Indian Handicraft items that have got this recognition and it continues to get such tags with the geographical indications. India is a diverse country and the states have their own unique range of products that have the potential to get recognized by the geographical indications (GI Tag) of India. The GI tag helps to protect these handicrafts from being imitated and ensures that the consumers receive genuine and high-quality products.

The items that have already been recognized by GI Tags are given below to help people know more about the same.

Aranmula Kannadi, Kerala

Made in a small town in Kerala named Aranmula, this is a handmade mirror that has got recognition paint the art and craft industry. Its unique metal alloy work has made it worthy enough to be placed in Aranmula Parthasarathy temple.

Dhokra, Chhattisgarh

This is a wax metal casting craft that’s famous across the nation. The product of this craft includes dhokra horses and elephants that have a unique approach to work. Because of its unique approach, it has been recognized as the geographical indication of Chhattisgarh.

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Channapatna toys, Karnataka 

These toys are wooden crafts basically manufactured in Bangalore. You can get toys and dolls under this geographical indication which are highly adored by children all over the country.

Kondapalli Toys, Andhra Pradesh

Made in a village near Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, these ties are made of wooden crafts and have registered themselves as part of the gi tag for the state of Andhra Pradesh. They are very unique in theme and style.

Bidriware, Karnataka

It comes from the bidri township of Karnataka. This metal handicraft item has immense popularity outside of the country and hence recognized for the export category for its world-famous popularity.

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Thanjavur doll, Tamil Nadu

These dolls are very traditional in approach. They are bobblehead dancing dolls that are world-famous for their unique crafting. You also get Thanjavur painting alongside the dolls which are also very famous across the world.

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Nirmal toys, Telangana

These are traditionally handmade and ancient toys made by skilled artisans in the town of Nirmal in Adilabad district of Telangana. Alongside the toys, you can also get paintings and furniture under this geographical indication.

Khurja pottery, Uttar Pradesh

This is the product of the khurja area of the Bulandshahar district of Uttar Pradesh. You can get these unique pieces of traditional Indian pottery all over the world as these are very popular crafts from this region.

Kathputli, Rajasthan

The other name of this craft is a string puppet that is a largely appreciated form of art throughout the world. It is a very famous form of Indian puppetry and generally appreciated in the world of performing arts.

Cane and Bamboo Crafts, Assam

This is one of the oldest crafts in India and not only practiced in Assam but also recognized in other parts of the country. You can get various forms of bamboo crafts for home decor and other pieces. 

Bastar Iron and Wooden Craft, Chhattisgarh

You can get this item on the Bastar district of Chhattisgarh and have been identified as the geographical indication of the region by the government of India.

Sankheda Furniture, Gujarat

These are colorful and painted furniture that has the origin in sankheda village of the state Gujarat. These are very unique pieces of art and hence are protected under the GI tag of India.

Ravanahatha, Rajasthan

Also known as Ravana hasta veena, this form of craft is amongst the popular musical instrument of Rajasthan. These are created for the love of music in this area and thus recognized by the geographical indications of India.

Pembarthi Metal Crafts, Telangana

These metal crafts are very popular in Telangana and the surrounding areas. The exquisite sheet metal artworks are worth the praise and popularity from all over the world. This is the reason they received the GI tag from the government.

Karimnagar Silver Filigree, Telangana

This type of craft is made by skilled craftsmen of the Karimnagar district of Telangana. Not only silver but also gold is also used in the making of this craft. This is recognized as one of the very famous crafts of the state.

Mysore Rosewood Inlay, Karnataka

You can get the Mysore rosewood inlay work in the Mysore region and awarded the geographical indication of India by the government.

Rogan Printing, Kutch

It may sound weird but it is a fact that this Rogan craft was practiced by only one family in the kutch. This craft almost died out but this family has maintained its dignity through the help of an NGO and a few families have picked it up these days. Thus, this art of cloth printing became famous and recognized by the GI of India.

Villianur Terracotta Works, Puducherry

The villagers in the Villianur area of Puducherry make this awesome piece of craft from fine green clay. For its unique feature and quality, the terracotta is famous around the world and also listed in the Gi tag of India.

Thanjavur Art Plate, Tamil Nadu

This is generally considered as a gift item and it is a circular plate that consists of bronze, metals silver and copper. 

Seashell Crafts, Andaman

These seashell items are very beautiful and expensive at the same time. These crafts are specially made by the artists from goa, Andaman and Odisha who put their talent into the making of such crafts which has let them earn the GI tag from the government.

Pipli Applique Work, Odisha

You can get pipli applique work in the town of puri which is also famous for its unique handicrafts and colorful fabrics. This kind of craft is famous in this area and thus recognized by the GI survey of India.

Konark Stone Carving, Odisha

Though stone carving has its roots in Odisha, this particular piece of craft is popular among its other contemporaries. The Konark stone carving has prevailed in this region from the ancient era and thus got recognized by the geographical indications of India.

Jaipur Blue Pottery, Rajasthan

There are many types of [pottery crafts present around the country but its blue poetry has some incredible looks that others don’t have! They are eye-catching crafts found in Jaipur mainly and remain the pride of Rajasthan.

Kamrupi Crafts, Assam

These are brass and bell metal crafts basically popular for its beauty and strength. You can get the best kamrupi crafts in the Guwahati state museum that are praised for their exclusive form of work and hence recognized by the geographical indication of India.

Longpi Coiled Pottery, Manipur

This form of craft is known for its unique form of style and technique throughout the world. These are handmade crafts and used as cooking utensils, showpieces and other such products are categorized by the GI of India.

Bamboo Work, Chhattisgarh

You can get a variety of bamboo works under this type of craft category from the tribal artists. They make bamboo cane baskets, jhua, supa, and other such bamboo products. That is why they are recognized as the famous form of craft and given the geographical indication tag by the government.

Coconut Shell Craft, Kerala

The artist makes awesome products from the coconut shell-like flower vases, cups, snuff boxes, etc. these brass embroidered pieces of craft are very famous in Kerala and thus got recognition from the geographical indications of India.

Budithi Bell and Brass Craft, Andhra Pradesh

This craft is famous in the Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh. Objects like flower pots, lamps, bells, etc. are made in this form of craft. For its unique approach, this form of craft is recognized by the geographical indications of India.

Agra Marble Art, Uttar Pradesh

You can get the fine marble inlay in our country in Agra. The Agra marble art has such a unique quality and approach that it has got recognition from all over the world and has been recognized by the GI survey of India. 

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Terracotta Work, Assam

The terracotta and pottery form of craft is popular in the dhubri district of Assam for its unique hand of work. It has been recognized by the geographical indication of India for its largest clusters in the form of pottery and terracotta.

Saharanpur Wood Crafts, Uttar Pradesh

Saharanpur village is famous for its wood carving and lacy craft culture. This village in Uttar Pradesh boasts wood carving as its pride and thus got recognized by the GI of India for cottage industry craft and agricultural products.

Jutti, Punjab

It is a type of footwear basically made out of leather and famous in the town of Patiala and Amritsar. There are various kinds of suits available today which include mojari, Nagra jutti, punjabi jutti, etc. these are delicately embroidered and worn with traditional attires mainly.

Kolhapuri Chappal, Maharashtra

Generally, these are leather slippers that are handmade in various villages of Maharashtra. These slippers have also become famous all over the world and earned recognition for its durability and design. 

Leather Toys, Madhya Pradesh

It is a famous form of craft that comes from the villages of Madhya Pradesh. The artists are famous for the creation of amazing toys with the help of leather which is loved by people of all ages and what is why it has earned recognition and got the GI tag from the government.

Solapur Chaddar, Maharashtra

A unique form of fabric is used to make such chaddars by the artist of Maharashtra. These are very appreciated by people from all over the world and thus it has got the recognition of geographical indication from the government of India.

Phulkari, Punjab

This form of craft is appreciated by fabric lovers. The phulkari art is famous for its unique work and basically executed on wearable clothes like sarees and dupattas. It is thus recognized by the geographical indication of India.

Kullu Shawl, Himachal Pradesh

This famous form of craft is available around the world for its unique material and quality. You can get these shawls at a very reasonable price compared to other forms of craft and thus it is loved by people from around the world. 

Kinnal Craft, Karnataka

It is a famous form of craft found in many villages in the state of Karnataka. It is recognized by the geographical indication of India because of its immense popularity around the world. You can easily get these forms of craft in and around the world at reasonable prices. 

Madurkathi, West Bengal

It is famous for its unique design and quality that is handmade by the artists of West Bengal. These are generally mats that are handwoven. This craft got the GI tag as it is immensely popular around the world and liked by people of all ages.

Madhubani Paintings, Bihar

It is one of the most famous traditional paintings from the state of Bihar. It is recognized by the geographical indication of India because of the global recognition it has received. It has been widely used by Indian Artisans to beautify the homes or to send a particular message through their paintings.

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There are many other GI Tags available in our country that have got recognition in various states of India. These GI Tag prove that the cultural heritage of our country is worthwhile and needs all the appraisal. The artists behind such art and crafts are also worth the appraisal. In the years to come, there would be more such geographical indications in our country which shall uplight the importance of art and craft from a particular area.

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